Satta pass of old and new
Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art in Yui-Honjin Park preserves Hiroshige's masterpieces of ukiyo-e woodcut print which also had been copied by Van Gogh, as you may know.
This work (1833–1834) shows Satta Pass as a landscape of Yui Station from "Tokaido 53 Stations" that introduces the ancient difficult journey to get over here.
Today, we have the Tokaido Shinkansen and Tokaido Line, both of Japan Railway, and the Tomei Expressway, allowing easy routes from Tokyo to anywhere else.
When you see the Satta Pass for real, along with the many historical facts, you may imagine it as it used to be in Edo-period.
Alternatively, we have a plan for hiking the whole length of the path to the Satta Pass, which can take a few hours. However, our Taxi Tour can take you to the car park adjacent to the Pass, requiring a walk of just a few minutes.

A wonderful view on a sunny day from the parking area

A view from the Gazebo

A 10 minute walk from the parking area

Fried Sakura-ebi shrimps on a festival day at Yui Fishing Port